The Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange (BCBA) cut the wheat sowing projection for the 2020/2021 campaign by 200,000 hectares, to 6.5 million hectares, due to the lack of rain in areas of the west and north of the area national agricultural.

If this estimate is made, the area planted with the cereal would be located 100,000 hectares below what was sown in the previous campaign.

The lack of rains in recent days aggravated the deficit in different regions of the country, so the producers decided to abandon the plans for planting the cereal.

Argentina is a key world wheat exporter and in May the BCBA announced that it expected a record 6.8 million hectares to be planted this season.

Since then, however, rainfall in the western central agricultural region has been very limited. The eastward expansion of dry conditions forced the entity to make its second cut in its projection, with seeding completed by 79.1%.

Meteorologists estimate that water shortages persist throughout the winter in provinces such as Córdoba, Santa Fe and the north of the Province of Buenos Aires. On the contrary, in the south of Buenos Aires, the main wheat region of the country, better results are expected.

At the same time, the corn harvest destined for commercial grain covered 81.7% of the 6.15 million eligible hectares, after registering an interannual advance of 3.4 percentage points.

To date, the harvest has already covered more than 5 million hectares, with a national average yield of 84 quintals per hectare and a cumulative partial production of 42.1 million tons.