Nidera Semillas launched its soybean campaign 2020. Four new varieties join the portfolio and begin their multiplication stage, positioning the brand in the oilseed business. In turn, two others are available to producers for the next planting.

In all cases, they are superior varieties. “Several years ago we changed our improvement strategy and today we are seeing the results. The strong leadership we have achieved in corn, sunflower and wheat is also reaching soybeans with the launches we made this year. The objective is to offer everything that producers are looking for in a variety of soybeans”, Damián Torino, manager of autogamous animals at Nidera Semillas said.

One of the great novelties of the campaign is the NS 3821 STS, which will begin to be available to multipliers and promises to lead in the segment of the shorter varieties. In addition, it is a material with STS technology, which represents a valuable tool to combat difficult weeds.

STS technology became important for Argentine producers. In the 2018/19 campaign these varieties occupied 23% of the surface, to jump to 28% in 2019/20, with a projection of 33% for the next campaign. Accompanying and anticipating this trend, by 2020/21, practically half of the surface planted with Nidera varieties will have this technology.

In addition, Nidera Semillas also presented the new NS 4621 IPRO STS. “It is a material that responds to the niche of producers who use the best technology and target this type of variety to simplify their production process and enhance performance” Torino, said. As is known, of the total area planted with soybeans in the last campaign (17.6 million hectares), 81% have Glyphosate-resistant technology and 19% IPRO, being the North region where the technology is most used (68% of the surface).

Another variety that will be available for multipliers this season is NS 5421 STS, a medium Group V variety, recommended for the central zone of Argentina, with a special focus on Entre Ríos. And the latest launch for multipliers is the NS 6721 IPRO STS, with high performance potential and the most complete technological package.

From this campaign, producers will also be able to count on the new materials NS 5030 IPRO STS and NS 6120 IPRO, launched in 2019 as a multiplier.