The Grobo 1923 BTRG is a very stable, prolific material and ideal for medium and low density plantings. With tolerance to diatraea, the main pest of corn and resistant to glyphosate.
It is a full-cycle hybrid with high yield potential, with outstanding sanitary and agronomic characteristics.

“Due to its marked adaptability to different environments, it will be a highly competitive option both in the South of Córdoba and the West of Buenos Aires, as well as in the early sowings of Entre Ríos, in the Southeast and Southwest of Buenos Aires” Guillermo Alonso, Advisor Technician from Los Grobo Agropecuaria, assured to Efarm News.

As they explain from the company Los Grobo has carried out an important series of trials under protocol in different parts of the country, where the same producers had the opportunity to evaluate, together with the company’s technicians, the Grobo 1923 BTRG in the most diverse situations, with excellent results.

“We are very happy with this development because it is the first of the company and we hope to add new materials to the portfolio in the future. Our extensive marketing network will also allow us to reach the main productive areas of Argentina” Alonso said.

Los Grobo is one of the largest seed multipliers in Argentina. It markets soybeans, wheat and barley and has 30 branches that allow it to reach the Argentine agricultural producer directly.
Regarding the campaign, Alonso explained: “The sales of wheat seeds surprised us because they were much more than we expected. Now we are concerned that it may happen with some areas where it is not raining enough, but we still see a wheat campaign with very good prospects”.

Regarding corn, the Grobo’s technical advisor also said that the pre-sale of hybrids was also very good, as of May, sales began to stall and now they estimate a cut in the area of ​​around 10%. “The Argentine producer has very tight profit margins and that is why he has to fine-tune his production to avoid losing money in some productive areas. Now the campaign depends to a great extent on the international prices that accompany it” Alonso said.