Despite the coronavirus pandemic that affects the entire world, Argentine agri-food production is registering significant growth in exports, such as meat (14.5%) and fresh fruits (17%) in the first four-month period of year, according to data provided by the National Service for Agri-Food Health and Quality (Senasa).

In relation to foreign sales of beef, poultry, and pork products and by-products, they reached 334,964 tons, of which 230,148 tons corresponded to beef, with a growth of 19.2%, and whose main destinations were: China ( 175,759 tons), Chile (13,169 tons), Israel (11,135 tons) and Germany (7,705 tons).In addition, Senasa-certified poultry meat exports stood at 88,992 tons, showing an increase of 1.5% over the 87,666 shipped when making the year-on-year comparison.

Fresh fruits
In terms of fresh fruit exports, they reached 415,715 tons, whose main destinations were: Russia, 105,477 tons; Brazil, 61,661 tons; United States, 48,268 tons; Italy, 34,752 tons and Paraguay, 28,018 tons.

In the aforementioned item, pear shipments stood out with 205,3315 tons sold in the international market, a 6% increase when compared to the first four months of last year. In addition, lemon exports grew 69% with 106,356 tons sold, and apple exports stood at 55,991 tons, reflecting a 14% increase.

The growth of exports of fresh orange, 14% and 15,091 tons sold, and those of fresh cherry, 65% and 2,146 tons shipped to the foreign market were also highlighted.