Ledesma positioned itself as the Argentine company that sold the most citrus abroad during 2019, with 28,429 pallets sold, almost 10% of what was exported throughout Argentina. The main fresh fruit that Ledesma exports is the Valencia variety orange, which mainly arrives in the European Union, Russia and Southeast Asia. But last year, for the first time, the company sold lemons to the United States, a market to which it previously had no access. In 2020, it will export to that country more than double what was sold last year, the firm said.

In this year’s campaign, Ledesma launched a new calibrator that classifies fruit by size, color and quality. For this latest generation equipment, the company made an investment of US $ 1.3 million. The campaign started with the harvest of lemons, grapefruits and oranges of early variety, and this week continues with Valencia oranges until next September. Fruit harvesting and processing are carried out under strict sanitary protocols for the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Jujeña company also exports fresh fruit to new markets in the Middle and Far East, Canada, Brazil, Norway and Eastern Europe, among others. In the domestic market, Ledesma supplied customers in the Central Market and peripheral markets of Greater Buenos Aires, and various customers and supermarkets in the interior of the country.
In 2019, a large part of orange and grapefruit juices were also marketed in the external market, due to the drop in beverage consumption in the local market. Lemon juice, as usual, is destined almost exclusively for export, mainly to the markets of Europe and the United States.