The Argentine soybean harvest entered its final stretch with 97.2% of the total area already threshed and an accumulated volume of 48.8 million tons to date, while wheat planting progressed at a good pace during the week thanks to to good weather conditions, reported the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange (BCBA).

The harvest of the last week reached an area of ​​more than 600,000 hectares and only 470,000 hectares remain located to conclude the campaign, located in the southeast of Buenos Aires.

The good pace of the oilseed harvest has already positioned this season as the fastest since the entity has records (2000/01), with 90% of what was collected to date in just two months.

“The dry autumn weather allowed the combines to move quickly throughout the entire agricultural region,” said the BCBA.
Of the 15 productive zones into which the entity divides the agricultural area, the works have already been completed in four (central-north of Córdoba; south of Córdoba; north nucleus; and San Luis) with a contribution of approximately 18.9 million tons , while in 8 the advance is greater than 96%.

On a national scale, harvesting of first-rate soybeans covered 98.9% of the area, with a yield of 32.1 quintals per hectare (qq / ha), while harvesting of second-rate lots registered an advance of 93.6 % and a yield of 24.5 qq / ha.
Thus, the national average yield was 29.7 qq / ha, so it is expected that the campaign will culminate in 49.5 million tons.

Regarding the sowing of wheat, the good climatic conditions and the level of superficial humidity of the lots allowed the seeders to advance on the area destined for cultivation.

Over the past 7 days, wheat planting achieved 8.3 percentage points inter-weekly progress and covered 13.4% of the projected area of ​​6.8 million hectares for the 2020/21 cycle.

The entity estimated that the production of this season will reach 21 million tons.
Lastly, the corn harvest covered 47.2% of the 6.2 million eligible hectares, registering an inter-weekly advance of 3.7 percentage points.

The average yield fell to 90.1 qq / ha and the production projection remained at 50 million tons.