Wheat planting began in Argentina and has already covered 5% of the 6.8 million hectares projected for cultivation, while the soybean harvest entered its final stretch with a new weekly drop in its average yield, the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange (BCBA).

Thus, during the week, the sowing of the cereal began with the works concentrated in the center and north of the agricultural area, mainly in the NEA, NOA and center-north of Santa Fe and Córdoba.
The implementation work, which already started 1.9 percentage points ahead of the previous season, picked up speed to “take advantage of the moisture in the soils and anticipate the rainfall forecasts for the current week,” he said. the BCBA.

On the other hand, the stock market entity indicated that “considering that the planting window has just started, it will be necessary to register rains in the short and medium term for the planting plans to be fully realized.”
The entity estimated in early May that the production of this campaign will reach the record of 21 million tons.
For its part, the soybean harvest advanced 5.9 points during the week and reached 93.3% of the 16.9 million hectares suitable nationwide.

With this progress, the threshing of the oilseed registered an advance with respect to the previous harvest of 8.3 points and, if sustained at these levels, it will become the fastest in 9 years.

Such is the speed of the works that, as an example, “in just 60 days, and in the context of the pandemic, 44 of the 47.2 million tons accumulated so far were collected”
As the harvesters advanced on the standing lots, there was a drop of 0.4 p in the average yield to 29.9 quintals per hectare (qq / ha) and they estimated that it will drop to 29.5 qq / ha at the end of the work with a production of 49.5 million tons.

Under this scenario, it remains to collect just over 2.25 million tons of soybeans on 1,135 million hectares.
Lastly, the corn harvest advanced 3.5 p during the week and the works were located to date on 43.5% of the 6.2 million eligible hectares.

Regarding the registered yields, they remain close to the “initial expectations” with 91 qq / ha, after harvesting more than 2.7 million hectares to date, so the entity maintained the production estimate in 50 million tons for the 2019/20 cycle.