The soybean and corn campaign did not stop despite the recent rains and although there were drops in the yield of the oilseed, the projections of the last week are maintained for both crops, according to estimates by the Cereal Exchange of Buenos Aires (BCBA).

With 70% of the soybean harvested area, some 11.6 million hectares were collected and the accumulated volume is 36.5 million tons.

Although the average yield fell to 3,150 kilos per hectare, the projection remains at 49.5 million tons.
Meanwhile, the corn harvest advanced to 37% of the planted area. The national average yield is 9,220 kilos per hectare and the BCBA also maintained production estimates for this crop at 50 million tons.

Argentina is the world’s leading exporter of soybean oil and flour, and the third-largest global supplier of raw oilseed beans and corn.

In addition, the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange will launch on Tuesday, May 5, the online launch of the 2020/21 fine season, which includes wheat and barley crops.

The event will have the participation of the technical team of the Cereal Exchange, experts from the private sector and representatives of the national government, who will analyze the latest developments in the sector under a context of high uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic.