Don Mario seeds completed an important export of soybean seeds to the United States in the middle of a pandemic. Through its Mustang seeds company, the firm completed the export on a special American Airlines flight.

“Usually the company sends soybeans to the United States in the counter-station mode. This time we chose to use airmail shipping because we wanted to be on time to get better yields,” Obdulio San Martín told Efarm News.
In addition, the news of the shipment of soybean seeds to the United States was even a source of pride for América Airlines and this was explained in a press release: “Although passenger flights do not currently operate between the two countries, the seeds travel on one of American’s cargo routes from Buenos Aires (EZE) to Miami (MIA). The April 16 flight broke American’s historical record for cargo volume, moving 115,349 pounds (or 52,321 kilograms) of soybeans in a Boeing 777-300, the weight equivalent to 76 cows or 20,900 chickens. ”

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic also did not stop the company’s plans to land soybeans with Argentine technology on Chinese soil. “Everything continues on rails so that in two years Don Mario will reach the Asian giant with his products in association with a partner from that country. We are already testing and are doing very well, with yields of around 3,000 / 3,500 tons per hectare. We are seeing a greater degree of technification in the Chinese region that borders Russia and we believe that there is a great business opportunity that should not be missed, ”says one of the leaders of the main Argentine seed company.

At the same time, Don Mario plans to launch the “Enlist” technology owned by Corteva on the Argentine market starting next year, which will provide resistance to glyphosate, glufosinate-ammonium, and 2-4-D to the company’s seeds.