By Leonardo Gottems, correspondent in Brazil

The changes imposed by the new coronavirus pandemic are driving other types of commercial transactions. An example in this sense is Akcelo, from Nortox, an electronic relationship platform aimed at resellers who are looking for solutions that provide agility, mobility and access to all the processes necessary to manage their relationship with the company.

Launched in January, the platform had already had a significant adhesion in this year of 2020. With the emergence of the pandemic of COVID-19 and the measures of social isolation, however, Akcelo registered an even greater increase, since they are prohibited activities involving “face-to-face” businesses.

“As Akcelo is an exclusive digital platform in an environment where everything is 100% online and 24 hours a day, people realized that it is the ideal tool, especially at a time like the one we are experiencing,” says Marcelo Percinoto Poliseli, National Manager Nortox Marketing.


He stresses that Akcelo had already been successful before the effects of the pandemic because it achieved the objective of optimizing business processes, simplifying service, offering exclusive services and features. Poliseli explains that the registered user can access the complete Nortox portfolio for multicultures of pesticides, as well as the entire line of plant nutrition via leaf and exclusive soil granules, solutions in Application Technology and bioactivators, in addition to the line of hybrid seeds from corn and sorghum.

Nortox’s National Marketing Manager also highlights that through Akcelo the user can carry out commercial transactions with the status of purchase and delivery of each order, access to credit and registration financial information, participation and consultation of loyalty and incentive programs, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“I believe that Akcelo will be strengthened during this period and, when the pandemic passes, our customers will not give up on doing business through the platform, as it is a dynamic and interactive tool, with direction and complete support, with complete secrecy in all processes and data and the security of working with Nortox, which completed 66 years of history in the last week ”, concludes Poliseli.


On April 14th, Nortox completed 66 years of activities and celebrated its status as the largest Brazilian manufacturer of pesticides. In addition, the company stands out for acting strongly in the vegetable and seed nutrition sectors.

“Today, Nortox is the only Brazilian industry in the agro sector that operates on three business platforms: pesticides, fertilizers and hybrid corn and sorghum seeds. Completing 66 years of work is a rarity among the country’s national industries, especially in our sector, where all players are multinationals that operate in Brazil,” Marcelo Poliseli (Nortox Marketing Manager) said.

The company added that it has the most complete portfolio in Brazilian agriculture. Nortox currently has three industrial units in Brazil, which are its headquarters in Arapongas (Paraná) and two other industrial plants in Rondonópolis (Mato Grosso) and Serrana (São Paulo). In addition, Nortox has sales representatives in all Brazilian states, directly employing around 650 people.

Nortox began its expansion in the international market in 2017. The company already opened operations in Paraguay and Chile, and has future expansion plans for Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.