As of this winter cereal campaign, Syngenta will include in its portfolio of seed-curator products a fungicide of biological synthesis developed by Rizobacter, together with INTA.

It is a therapy formulated based on the fungus Trichoderma Harzianum (Rizoderma), of proven efficacy to control all seed and soil diseases that affect germination and initial development in wheat cultivation.

Although it will be Syngenta Argentina that will take the first step in commercializing this new concept of seed protection, the potential for expansion and growth is much higher since it includes markets such as the European one where the demand for biological inputs is increasing. To take as a reference, only in Argentina, the growth rate of this technology has been greater than 120% year after year, occupying more than one million hectares of wheat in the last three years.

With this new agreement, Syngenta and Rizobacter renew their mutual trust to continue leading the seed treatment market in the main crops together.