The company dedicated to the advice, production and marketing of products for animal feed expanded its facilities to produce balanced and concentrated products to produce meat and milk.

Since 2004 Nutralmix has been dedicated to advising the most important companies that produce inputs for the preparation of food for animal nutrition. They acquired a new plant in the town of Trenque Lauquen, province of Buenos Aires, which will soon begin operating in the Industrial Park of that town.

This acquisition joins the factories of 9 de Julio and Quiroga, and thus the company expands operational capacity and competitiveness in an area of ​​influence. The new plant has 11 employees between administration, teachers and operators.

The factory has an operating capacity of 10 Tn / h., and it is planned to install dispensers for the loading of food, since it is currently working manually.

“From the factory we are preparing balanced and concentrated to produce meat and milk, and we will have the distribution of the premixes and nuclei destined for meat, milk and pigs. The objective of the plant is to be more competitive in the market, providing the producer with improvements in distribution, in terms of time and costs, taking into account that in the West of the province of Buenos Aires, and in the East of the province of La Pampa, the livestock market is growing. On the other hand, one of the most important dairy basins in the province is developed in Trenque Lauquen and in the area, “says Juan Pablo Vanerio, from the administration of Nutralmix.

Based on the growth of the balanced and concentrated food industry in Argentina, Nutralmix decided to expand its activities and develop its own line of products. Its product lines comprise two classes: Balanced and Concentrated. The former are food compounds for animal nutrition, in the composition of which different ingredients are involved and which can contribute to the development, maintenance, reproduction, productivity or adaptation to a better state of health. The latter are ingredients, or a mixture of ingredients, in which the energy, protein and / or mineral substrates are found in high proportion, and which must be added to others to obtain the final balanced diet food.