The 2019-2020 soybean harvest is progressing in Argentina despite the coronavirus pandemic and the rains registered in recent days.

As reported by the Weekly Agricultural Panorama (PAS) of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange, the oilseed crop grows in the northern core region, where more than 20% of the area has been raised.

Advances were also recorded, which were later interrupted by a storm front, in the central-north, southern Córdoba and southern nucleus regions.

The recorded yields are close to and in some cases below initial expectations, while the prospects of yielding in second lots continue to fall, as a result of heat stroke and the absence of rain at different periods of the crop cycle.

“Under this scenario, we maintain our projection of (soybean) production at 52 million tons, without ruling out possible adjustments in the coming weeks if the downward prospects in productivity are confirmed once the harvest is consolidated” the authors of the PAS, said.

On the other hand, the corn harvest of the same season with commercial grain destination is already located in 15.8% of the 6.3 million hectares planted.

Meanwhile, the production estimate remains at 50 million tons of commercial grain corn for the 2019-2020 campaign, 1.6% less than the volume collected in the previous cycle 2018-2019, 50.6 million tons.

Lastly, 73.7% of the suitable sunflower surface has already been collected, with an average yield of 2,220 kilos per hectare.

Intersweek harvest progress was 11.7 percentage points, concentrated mostly in downtown Buenos Aires and north of La Pampa-west of Buenos Aires.