Santa Rosa Semillas, the Argentine company dedicated to the plant breeding of soybeans, continues to gain ground in the international market, more precisely in South Africa where it already has a market share of around 10% thanks to the introduction of five oilseed varieties.

“Currently in South Africa there are around 650,000 hectares destined for soybeans, and in this segment we already have around 10% of the market. The goal is to grow even more because our germplasm is giving very good results, even we already have fully developed varieties in this country”, Felipe Berruhet, vice president of the company, said.

According to the producer, the landing in South Africa is also the gateway to the continent: “We have no doubt of the potential that Africa has as a food producer and that is precisely where we want to be with our elite genetics and adapted to the agroecological conditions of the region. With these qualities in mind, we can make a leap in the medium term”.

In addition, the Argentine company, composed of 19 cooperatives, 2 non-cooperative companies and private shareholders, operates in the international market also providing germplasm to Uruguayan, Paraguayan and Brazilian producers, but the project is to continue expanding borders.

“Santa Rosa Semillas is currently capitalizing on two very clear goals, first of all growing in the Argentine soy market that is hyper competitive and in parallel landing in new markets. The United States is one of the options, many doors were opened thanks to us to our association with the Rosario firm Bioheuris dedicated to gene editing and we want to take advantage of them”, the vice president of the seed company, said.

Berruhet also advances very good prospects for the Argentine company in the medium term: “Each market in which we are has its peculiarities but in each of them we are seeing very good business opportunities thanks to the good performance of the varieties we carry. Today Santa Rosa Semillas is one of the three most important soybean seed breeders in Argentina and with the help of R&D, without a doubt, we are facing the possibility of a take-off in the local and international markets”, the entrepreneur said.