In the left Lula Da Silva former president of Brazil, leader of “Partido Dos Trabalhadores” and in the right the current president Jair Bolsonaro leader of “Social Party” a liberal one.

March 2020- EfarmnewsAr is an Argentine media based in Buenos Aires. We cover the biggest and most important news in agroindustry, and also we remark many topics that sometimes are not available for English readers. 

The coverage of Brazil is natural for us. Many Argentine companies invest in one of the biggest seed markets in the world, also the competition between Argentina and Brazil in meat, soybean, and corn is well-known. In the twenty one-century Brazil has improved its production in agriculture and meat production. 


Brazil has a bigger interest and a bigger coalition related to agriculture policies. We follow and publish the bigger milestones that we consider that are not covered in Argentina or the international media. Many companies as Don Mario Semillas, or Indigo, have invested in Brazil and Argentina, and its strategy has both countries. Also, Brazil leads nowadays many markets, it’s the first or second soybean exporter and also it happens often with corn too.  


The state policy in Brazil, like BNDES lendings, has also helped to Brazilian companies to bought peers around the world. Brazilian businessmen have bought many food industries locally and also have dominated the local poultry industry.


We publish below our selection of articles that show, Argentine companies who invest in Brazil, Brazilian investments in Argentina and data related to Brazil & Argentina related to grain production: 


The importance of South American Corn production:  


South American corn is a big part of the global market. In Argentina, the reason for the increase is related to lower tax in the crop that allows to add more fertile lands to production and also yields. In Brazil, the add of hectares in many parts of the country have impacted also in this equation. We must consider that United States policy in exports is an important part of this equation and its own weather conditions every season. This year the South American corn will dominate the volume of the crop. We published it this month, click here for details:


Investing in Brazil thanks to an Argentine guide:


Sebastian Popik has been successful in creating a fund for agriculture opportunities in Brazil. He also ran a company Popiquen S.A, an Argentine cattle breeding company. He also is part of Bioceres, the Argentine company that is succeeding with HB4 traits in soybean and wheat. He has a financial company also that have bought participation in Sursem and Pla. He is next project was to create a financial firm looking for mid-market companies in Brazil and many other countries in South America, we made his profile on November 13th of 2019, click here to know more:


Private cooperation: E-Grain SA will supply Cooperativa Agraria Agroindustrial:  


The relationship between privates in supply chains could often be faster than the difficult agreements to add markets or liberate them. The reason that actually make this accord is the confidence in Argentine supply, traceability will help to control the quality of barley used by the Brazilian company, check the details of the biggest Argentine Barley export company clicking here:


Investments plan to Brazil or from Brazil, a complete guide of agro-business in the country:  


Indigo is a company that offers biological solutions to farmers. These solutions are related to microorganisms that allow crops to maximize their yields. Indigo always works with farmers to collect information and show the beneficial effect of plans. This beginning with 400,000 hectares is an important one, the company started before in Argentina, with the same crop. We made an interview with its local CEO, Dario Maffei who also is Vice president of Indigo Global Markets, we wrote this article on September 26th of 2019:


E-Commerce for Brazilian farmers, Instagro is the new tool for Mosaic to sell fertilizers;


E-commerce is an interesting tools for many companies because it easy to cut costs. It also has a high barrier because many clients do not trust in the systems, and find it uncomfortable. Mosaic is selling its fertilizers because the global tendencies in e-commerce to keep in the first line in commerce trends, we published the company plans on August 21st of 2019 :


A Brazilian giant of agrochemicals, Santa Clara expansion to become a multinational company: 


As we have written above Brazil have supported the expansion in farming in the country. The country has become dominant in many countries as an owner of food companies and producing high volumes of grains and meat. This scenario also impacts suppliers as agrochemicals and fertilizer companies. We cover the strategic plan of them Santa Clara, our Brazilian journalist have quoted the speech of CEO, Joao Pedro Cury and detailed company plans, click here to know more:


Will Brazil dominate the pulses market?: 


Pulses markets are dominated in the client’s side by the biggest Asian economies like China and India. Also, both countries produce locally and many time lock imports from other countries. Many demographic tendencies anyway, like income and population. India is on the biggest economies with younger people make this crop a key part of the global food market in the future.  


Two details were the essential approach made by our journalist Leonardo Gottems, the first was the organization of Global Pulses Confederation but also the support made by the Brazilian government to pulses chain. In 2018 the government launched the “National Plan for producers of feijao (beans) and pulses” click here to know more:


We also published the global trends in pulses markets, related to Brazilian ambitious plan. Vegetarians and vegans are possible new consumers of these products because of their diets. A key data to understand this new business possibility was made by Marcelo Eduardo Lüders president of Brazilian Pulses and Bean Institute, Brazilian vegetarians are now 14% of the population. For of the coverage by of Brazilian journalist Leonardo Gottems, click here, we published it May 12th of 2019:


Big brands launchings in Brazil: 


The importance of the Brazilian market makes it a strategic place for the biggest agro-industrial companies in the world. Also, the local legislation is attractive to biotech and seed companies because of royalties, many products in Brazil are available first then other markets in South America, check the list below. 


Corteva launched Enlist and Conkesta technologies for soybean: 


We published an article made by our local journalist in Brazil, this one appeared before in Agropages, the interview with Mr. Meyer Pflug was an explanation of the latest soybean traits, resistant to herbicides and specially designed to repel caterpillars have been checked by the Brazilian government in policies of the safety and environmental care in the country. Check this insight made by Leonardo Gottems clicking here: