Buenos Aires, February 2, 2020. The rains over the Pampas during the last month moved180 degrees the expectation about the summer harvest, according to the latest report of the Rosario Grain Exchange (BCR). Analysts from this institution think that in the “Nucleo Zone” (something like the “Corn Belt in the US) farmers could obtain the third-largest soybean harvest, i.e., between 21 to 22 million metric tons.

Analysts explain that early plantings show better conditions than in the last campaign. For example this year there are not “poor to very poor” soybean plots, that last year reached 12 percent. On the other hand, BCR researchers expect that corn plots express 12/14 tons per hectare yields in the east of the Cordoba province. But the results both for the soybean and the corn campaign will depend on the February rains.

Sources of eFarmNewsAr were optimistic about the crops’ performance since the rains during January reversed the drought condition of the soils seen during December.

In fact, another paper from the BCR said that thanks to a large harvest expected from this campaign, more than US$25 billion will enter to the Argentine economy thanks to the grain and byproducts exports.

The BCR estimated a 19.5 MMT wheat harvest, a half million tons above the 2018/19 campaign and a 49 MMT for the corn harvest, 2,5 MMT below the past campaign. To now, there is no estimation for the new soybean harvest, which reached 56.5 MMT last year.