Buenos Aires, January 14, 2020. According to the official statistics from the Secretariat of Energy, and considering the period Jan-Nov 2019, the biodiesel production dropped 15% to 1.98 million metric tons in comparison with the same period 2018, when production reached 2.32 million metric tons.

Deliveries for the mandatory blend with fossil fuels dropped 3%, while exports plunged 35 percent. Only two countries in Europe (Malta and the Netherlands) were the main destination of the Argentine biodiesel, that reached 866K tons, worth at US$648 million.

Global companies like LDC, Cargill, and Cofco, alongside with local ones like Patagonia Bioenergía or JV like T6 (AGD and Bunge) or Renova (Glencore plus Vicentin) represent 60% of the total production. The largest productions were reached by T6 (266K tons), LDC (255K tons) and Renova (247K tons).

The main production is based at Santa Fe province, where these companies are located. In fact, the Santa Fe biodiesel production descended only 11%, while the Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos province dropped 26% YoY.