(Photo: Chairman of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, José Martins (left), major of Quequén Arturo Rojas, and chairman of the Arbitration Chamber of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, Javier Buján (right), in the inauguration)

Buenos Aires, December 22, 2019. Placed at the southeast of the Buenos Aires province, Quequen is the strategic port from where wheat and barley are dispatched to the foreign markets. According to the official statistics, about 6.5 million metric tons of grain will be embarked this year from this location. In recent years, the growth of soybean and corn production in hinterland raised the port activity.

Last Thursday, authorities from the Arbitration Chamber of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange (CABC in its Spanish acronym) inaugurated the new laboratory facilities, with an investment of US$4,5 million. In 2016, the CABC decided to move the lab placed at the downtown of Necochea (the city placed next to Quequén) to the port, with the goal to give more versatility to the grain operation.

The new facilities occupy 2,900 square meters and is being equipped with the latest technology. It is estimated that the lab will be fully operating in the middle of 2020. “Counting with a lab near to the port terminals at Quequen, we are able to accelerate the data flow about the grain and byproducts quality, easing the business”, the legal manager of the CABC, Roque Caivano, told to the media.

The new lab was designed to analyze grain samples equivalent to 12.5 million annual grain exports. This volume doubles the current port operation. The leaders of the CABC think that this is the natural evolution of the port in the coming years.