(Photo: A view of the packer room at Expork plant)

Buenos Aires, November 21st. Formerly owned by Brazilian giant meatpacker BRF (resulted from the merger of Sadia and Perdigao), Campo Austral is one of the largest pork industries in Argentina. Early this year, two domestic groups, La Piamontesa (lead by the Giacosa family) and Bogs (Boschini family) bought the company to the Brazilians, paying around 35.5 million dollars.

The company has its own pig farms and its own slaughterhouse and meat packer in San Andres de Giles city (Expork), in the Buenos Aires province. This factory is able to slaughter 32,000 pork heads per month, producing 3,000 tons of fresh pork meat for the domestic market, foreign trade and supplying food industry.

This week Campo Austral did the first export of boneless skinless pork legs to China, as the kick-off of a potential multi-millionaire export business. This year the Asian country authorized eleven meatpackers to supply pork cuts; one of them was Campo Austral. Twenty-six tons of these high-value pork meat cuts were shipped to China. Chairman of Campo Austral, Daniel Giacosa, stressed the importance of this first export describing it as a “milestone” for the company, that marked a “take-off” for the pork export business.

Large investments in the pork sector are expected in the coming years based on the availability of raw materials in the country (basically corn and soybean meal), and an excellent health status, since Argentina is free from the most harmful diseases for the pork industry.