Buenos Aires, November 20th. According to the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Luis Urriza, this 2019/20 season, Argentine corn production could reach 52.9 million metric tons, a volume that is considered a reasonable production, a bit below from the previous campaign (56.8 MMT).

Urriza explained that the corn area remains stable at 9 million hectares, for all uses, i. e., commercial grain, silage, and self-consumption, where early plantings reach half the total area and late ones reach the other half. In his analysis, the political uncertainty (a new government will assume office next December and there some doubts about the policy on export taxes) will not derive into a decrease in the planted area.

The official reminded the audience that the projection of the harvest is based on the planted area, the projected harvested area and a combination of estimated yield that arises from a software (Prorindes) and the soil humidity in the different regions where corn is produced.

It is estimated that this commercial year, Argentina will export 38 million metric tons of corn. Eastern and Southern Asia, and the North of Africa are two attractive and key markets for the Argentine corn.