Photo (Chairman Gustavo Klein addresses the attendees at the commemorating meeting)


Buenos Aires, November 18th. Last week, the wheat breeding company Criadero Klein celebrated its first century. “It was a thounsand years of history, were family and business are blending in a non-dissociate way”, chairman of the company Gustavo Klein, adressed to the public.

He expressed his confidence in the future of the farming and the breeding activity in the country. “We see the future with hopeness. All we must work together to create employment”, this third-generation breeder told to the media.

Criadero Klein was founded by Enrique Klein in 1919. He born in Koln (Germany) in 1889 and he studied agronomy in the Bonn University. He moved to South America early in the XX Century, landing in Uruguay in 1912, hired by the government to help in the developing of new crops varieties. From Uruguay, he moved to Argentina, with the same goal. In 1919 he founded his breeding company in Alberti, a small place in the Buenos Aires province.

As a domestic company, Criadero Klein suffered the regression of the wheat area since 2008, when the uprising of the farmers against the Government, conducted to a lower planted area. Now, the wheat acreage increased to 6.4 million hectares. Klein compete with other traditional companies like Buck (also created by a Germany breeder) and Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas, and with relatevely new companies like Don Mario or Nidera Semillas.

But all these companies suffer by a weak IPR framework, what moves into a low royalties return for their breeding developments.

Klein expresed his dissapointment with the fact that during these last four years, the Cambiemos government did not impulse a new plant breeders act. “I didn’t see willingness to do it. Politicians are desinformed about this topic, and they don’t express any interest to put in contact their advisers with us”, Gustavo Klein told to the media.

Is ussually that the company registers two new wheat varieties by year. Klein Potro and Klein Valor were registered during 2018, Klein Mercurio, Klein Huracán and Klein Minerva in 2017, and Klein Prometeo and Klein Lanza in 2016. This year the company registered Klein Cien Años, celebrating its first century of life.