(Photo: A planter sowing HB4 pre-commercial plots in Argentina. Courtesy Bioceres)

Buenos Aires, November 14th. Paraguay, the third-largest soybean producer country in South America, approved this week the HB4 trait that confers the crop drought and herbicide tolerance. The announce was held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock after the Biosecurity Commission greenlighted the technology.

“The approbation by Paraguay is another step for the commercialization of this disruptive technology in South America”, general manager of Verdeca, Martín Mariani Ventura sais through a press release.

Around 3.5 million hectares in Paraguay are planted with soybean each season, from where around ten million metric tons are delivered to the market.

With Paraguay’s approval, the HB4 technology already covers 80% of the global soybean production, because Argentina, the US, and Brazil already authorized it.

But the commercial release depends on China’s approval, the largest global importer of soybean. It is expected that, finally, the Asian country authorizes the trait late next year.

The commercialization of HB4 soybean is own by Verdeca, the JV between Argentine company Bioceres Crop Solutions and American company Arcadia Biosciences. Matt Plavan, chairman of Arcadia Biosciences stated that field tests with the HB4 soybean in Argentina and Brazil are releasing very positive results. “We are viewing a huge interest from our potential seed dealers partners and from the farmers into use this technology”, Plavan said.

Both companies created Verdeca in 2012 to develop new soybean technologies and to commercialize in the Americas.

Last week, Mariani Ventura shared an article in the social networks, informing that the company started the planting of pre-commercial plots with HB4 varieties in Argentina. The company wants to be ready to supply the product as soon as China greenlights this technology.

Learn more about HB4 at https://www.hb4.com.ar/