(Photo: In February 2019, President Macri visited the Asian country to boost commercial ties)

Buenos Aires, October 18th. Thanks to a large production of around 57 million metric tons of corn in the last campaign 2018/19, the exports are beating records this year. Between January and August, near 25 MMT of corn were shipped from the port terminals of the country.

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries estimate that around 20 MMT are destinate for domestic consumption and other 37 MMT to the foreign trade. Thus others 12 MMT are able to be shipping until next March when a new commercial year starts.

The largest destine for the local corn in these eight months was Vietnam. This Asian country bought 5.2 MMT for US$842 million. This volume represents 21% of the total corn exports. The second place was occupied by Algeria (2.6 MMT for US$423 million), third place by Egypt (2.5 MMT for US$398 million) and fourth place bySouth Korea (2.3 MMT for US$375 million). These four countries represented 50% of the total corn exports in volume.

Vietnam is an increasing customer for the Argentine corn. During 2014 the country only bought a half million tons. But in the following year, this volume climbed to 2.4 MMT, and it jumped once again during 2016 to 4.4 MMT, a volume that remained stable in the following two years.

Now, the corn purchases by VietNan reach a new record, when four months of commercial operations are still remaining.

Corn exports sum US$4,123 million this year versus 4,193 million last year.