(Photo: a field day in the La Ballenera, the facility recently closed to move the seed operation to Santa Fe. The wheat breeding plan was radicated in this place, in the South of the Buenos Aires province)

Buenos Aires, October 11th. (source agropages.com) The firm Nidera Seeds announced the final closure of one of its production plants located in the Buenos Aires town of Miramar where it employed, between stable and contracted, about 70 people.

The company explained that the decision was based on the need to concentrate its operations in its plant located in the town of Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, where they are able to incorporate the seed production did in Miramar.

The company had long been cutting operations at its Miramar plant, where it also operates its experimental field called “La Ballenera” and in this context in 2016 had executed about 100 layoffs. At that time it was discussed the need to concentrate operations, but the plant continued to operate although with less work flow.

Thus, in Miramar, the agricultural company received and selected corn and sunflower spike and then transformed it into seed and dispatched to customers.

Its main activity was developed from summer to autumn, so in the area they were preparing just for a new productive season that is now truncated.

Currently, Nidera Seeds belongs to another multinational of great renown in the agricultural sector: Syngenta, which in 2018 completed its purchase for around US $ 3,000 million and who, in turn, is also part of the Chinese group Chemchina.

Before, the seed division of Nidera was under the orbit of the also Chinese COFCO, who decided to keep only the bulk and biodiesel business.

Meanwhile, when Syngenta took over this company, they promised to make a strong expansion process that had Argentina as one of the main beneficiaries.

At that time there was speculation that the Miramar plant would finally close its doors, since COFCO had raised it long before but gave in to the pressures of the provincial and municipal government

Now with a decision already taken, from Nidera Seeds explain that the plans for Argentina remain firm although they are adjusting their internal processes in the search to improve their profitability margins.

Finally, it is still unknown if the company will try to sell these facilities to another firm in the field.