(Photo: Alejandro Nari from E-Grain and Jorge Karl from CAA, after signing the agreement)

Buenos Aires, October 8th. Owned by the Nari family, the Argentine trading company E-Grain SA signed a long term agreement with Brazilian Cooperativa Agraria Agroindustrial to supply traceable malt barley. “This is the result of twelve years of continuous supply and a giant step to position ourselves as the largest company exporting malt barley in a traceable scheme”, the press release of the company.

E-Grain SA was founded in 2007 as the export arm of the traditional grain broker AJ Nari firm, a family company founded in 1946. Two years later, in 2009, E-Grain started its operation focused on the commerce of specialties crops, assuring traceability of their products to their customers. They trade feed barley, malt barley, rapeseed, hi-oleic sunflower, flint corn, and peas.

Meanwhile, the Cooperativa Agraria Agroindustrial is the largest malting company in Brazil, supplying 25% of the Brazilian malt market, and with a 350K tons of annual production.

According to the official statistics provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries of Argentina, during 2018 E-Grain SA exported 123K tons of malt barley, a similar volume than in 2017.

The press release adds that E-Grain SA has its own port terminal in Quequén (in the south of the Buenos Aires province) and that they carry out production contracts with farmers, surveillance of the crops, channelized logistic and process certifications; all of this converted the company in a reliable food supplier under a Food Safety framework.