Buenos Aires, September 2nd. During August, 4.53 million metric tons of grains were hedged at the merged MatbaRofex (MtR) futures exchange, a volume that surpasses 2018 operation by 32 percent. It was the fourth month in a row surpassing last year operation. The accumulated climbs now to 34.54 million metric tons or 12% above last year.

Source: RIA Consultores s/Matba datacenter

It was hope that a 147 MMT record harvest and major volatility both in the domestic as in the global markets went to impulse the use of hedging strategies by local operators. Furthermore, it was expected that the merge between the Buenos Aires Futures Exchange (MATBA) and the Rosario Futures Exchange  (ROFEX) went to bring more volume to the operation.

During August, the most hedged grain was the soybean, that summed 2.87 MMT or 63% of the monthly operation. Corn occupied second place with 1.18 MMT and wheat, the third place with 0.47 MMT.

Year to year, soybean hedging increased 61%, while corn grew 90% and wheat decreased 46%.