Buenos Aires, August 19th. Despite he only holds 20% of his company Grupo Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel is still its chairman and an influent voice from the agribusiness.

After the overwhelming triumph of the challenger Peronist party in the presidential primaries, and like many of his businessmen mates have been doing during the last week, Mr. Grobocopatel also expressed its confidence about a possible Alberto Fernandez’ government since December 2019.

Talking with the media, he described the leader of the opposition as a moderate and sensible politician leader, despite his running mate, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, was reviled not only from the official coalition Cambiemos both most of the businessmen. “He has a constructive and prudent attitude”, he said.

Sunday, August 11th, the Fernandez-Fernandez formula obtained 47% of the votes versus 32% of the governmental Macri-Pichetto duo. Monday, the dollar rocketed from AR$46 to AR$60 and country risk climbed to 1,900 points. But were the words of Alberto Fernandez what brought calm to the market. By the end of the week, the dollar had down to $57 and country risk to 1,600 points, prior that Fitchs rated Argentine debt to CCC.

“The Government defeat didn’t surprise me, but its magnitude did”, Mr. Grobocopatel stated. “It’s a very complex situation. There is a man (Alberto Fernandez) with power and legitimacy but without management tools, and there is another man (President Macri) with the tools but without the power”.

The businessman claimed for an agreement between officialism and opposition to make an orderly transition. Contradicting the official speech he denied that the country is in the way to Venezuela if Peronism takes office. “I’m not afraid that a new government leads us to the chaos, to a Venezuela’s situation”, he concluded.