(Photo: The stand of BASF in the Aapresid where Xarvio was presented)

Rosario, Santa Fe, August 13th. The seed and agrochemicals global company BASF took part at the Aapresid (the no-till farmers association) annual summit last week. There, they presented Xarvio, the digital farming tool, prepared to assist farmers for the accurate identification of weeds, pests, and diseases, and for recommending chemicals and its mode use.

“Xarvio has two platforms, Scouting and Field Manager. With Scouting you can take a picture of a weed, or an insect or a leave infected, send it and receive an answer saying which kind of weed, pest or disease is. Xarvio works with artificial intelligence, with our own image bank, but retro-feeding it with the images that farmers and agronomist capture and send”, Jorge Pitton, Technical Development manager from BASF told to eFarmNewsAr.com. The other platform, he added, is Field Manager, a paid service, that give spraying recommendations and that is able to use information coming from combines (yield maps) or satellites images to bring useful information for planning the farm labors.

“We have had an excellent reception by farmers, here in the Aapresid congress. Already more than 500 farmers subscribed to  Scouting and more than 200 accessed to the Field Manager platform. All of this in only three days”, an enthusiastic Pitton said. He added that more than 800,000 farmers around the world are already working with Xarvio.

To know more about Xarvio, enter to https://www.xarvio.com

Photo: Jorge Pitton, Technical Development manager from BASF