(Photo: Matt Crisp (centre) the “brain” of BHB during its participation at the World AgriTech summit, last March)

Buenos Aires, July 28th. Last week, the American soybean breeding company, Iowa-based, Schillinger Genetics INC published the solicitude to register its first soybean cultivar in Argentina. It is named  BK 44P41, and is being registered by local firm Bullmark SRL. The cultivar is a non-GMO one and belongs to Maturity Group IV.

Early this year, Benson Hill Biosystems (BHB) announced the acquisition of Schillinger Genetics, also known as eMerge Genetics, to accelerate the developing of high protein content Non-GMO soybean varieties and targeted to the food supply chain. BHB is one of the most dynamic companies in the gene-editing mainstream.

Meanwhile, founded in 1999, Bullmark is a family company based at Junin city (Buenos Aires province) that provides crop production services for third parties, like Don Mario, Nidera or Cargill. They are focused on the popcorn, legumes and soybean crops, delivering farm production, storage, and processing services for their customers. Agronomist Estanislao López Molinari leads the crop production and is in charge of the registration of the new BK 44P41 soybean variety.

“It’s great news, undoubtedly, that a world-class company like Benson Hill decides to operate in Argentina with local partners”, founder of RIA Consultores, agronomist Javier Preciado Patiño opined about this news.

“Argentine soybean production is dominated by GMO varieties, channeled for the feed industry, but there is an increasing demand for non-GMO soybean to channel in the food industry, and already there are some players producing this specialty”, he added. “On the other hand, the gene-editing technology could be a disruptive mode to improve the yield and the quality of the crops, without entering in the GMO framework”, he concluded.