Buenos Aires, July 16th. “It is the moment”, real-estate consulting Miguel Figueroa says. He opines that farmland value is 30% below the 2011 value reference, and it could be a great opportunity buying farmland now, not only due to the price but financial conditions.

Argentina is facing the presidential poll and the uncertainty is high due to neither president Mauricio Macri neither his largest challenger Alberto Fernandez have the triumph in his hands. Most of the polls show a “technical” tie in a second round. This uncertainty is carrying on to the business including farm operation.

“This provokes that investors tend to freeze a crucial decision like the farmland buying”, Mr. Figueroa opines. But the recent Free Trade Agreement between the Mercosur and EU open a brilliant future for all the farmland products, from grains to meats, and sooner than later it will be translated to farmland value.

Some people are viewing this opportunity. According to the Rural Real Estate Chamber (CAIR) a renewable interest for farmland acquisition is viewing in the last two months, Mr. Figueroa comments. In fact, he says, four big operations were realized in this lapse.

Mr. Figueroa is an agribusiness consulting. You can learn more about his business at www.miguelfigueroa.com