(Photo: Aceleradora del Litoral announce the funding of three scientific-based companies)

Buenos Aires, May 4th. Last week it was known that Aceleradora del Litoral SA injected funds to three biotech startups, one of them Bioheuris, which are developing herbicide-resistant crops via gene-editing.

AdL is a consortium formed by Litoral University, Santa Fe Commerce Exchange and the Centre Litoral Technological Park, which manages a fund to accelerate scientific-based projects. All the institutions engaged in the consortium are linked with the Santa Fe province, one of the largest farming economy-based provinces of Argentina.

“We applied for the projects selection process and we were selected for funding, alongside two other companies (Inbioar and Nairotech), after a rigorous evaluation, both technical and commercial”, CEO of Bioheuris, Carlos Pérez, told to eFarmNewsAr.com.

The company based at Rosario City is developing herbicide-resistance via gene-editing in soybean and sorghum. “This funds injection will permit us to accelerate the I+D process, enhancing our team”, Pérez added.

“We are obtaining good results both soybean and sorghum crops. Perhaps someone could think that sorghum is a minor crop, but is also true that it is crop without technologies. We think if we can bring herbicide-resistance technology to the crop, demand will be very strong”, the Bioheuris CEO opines.

In dialogue with eFarmNewsAr.com, Perez explained that they are expecting to obtain the first transformed crops to 2023. “These funds will permit us to go ahead faster. We are planning to establish a new Lab in Saint Louis, were one of the world largest biotechnology hubs are placed. Rosario and Saint Louis are “sister” cities, as Santa Fe province and Missouri State do. This “institutional umbrella” facilitate our plan to install us in the US”, Perez anticipated to our media.

After funding Bioheuris, AdL enters as a minority shareholder. “Two companies and the four founders of the company we were the shareholders before the entering of Aceleradora del Litoral”, Perez told.

Photo: Carlos Perez interviewed by Santa Fe media, after the announcement of the funding