(Photo: Jagdish Nainwal, Rodrigo Ramírez, and Amit Aggarwal in the Argentina summit) 

Buenos Aires, May 27th. After the purchasing of Arysta, top managers of the new UPL landed in Argentina to enhance the performance of the company in this exciting region. Jagdish Nainwal, Latam Regional Manager, Amit Aggarwal, Marketing Manager, and Rodrigo Ramirez, country manager, led a summit at Pilar (Buenos Aires province) where the large team of Argentina UPL branch eared about the company strategy.

After the purchase of Arysta, UPL climbed to the 5th place in the world agrochemicals companies ranking, with 5.2 billion dollars annual revenues.

“OpenAg is the concept that is driving the action of the company. We are proposing a participative and open business model, which anticipates to the farmers’ technological demand”, Rodrigo Ramirez explained. One of the axes of the strategy is the Technological Farming Surveillance Network, which conducted by agronomist Esteban Tronfi covers 1.5 million hectares in the north of Córdoba Province.

“Herbicides is the most relevant business segment in the Argentine farming market. It is estimated that sales reach US$1.7 billion, where herbicide resistant-weeds are the largest trouble for the farmers. Herbicide market grew 3.3 times since 2009 when first weed resistance was detected”, Ramírez explained.

But the most relevant datum that Ramirez contributed is the fact that 2/3 of the market comes from selective herbicides, and the one third remaining from glyphosate. “Our stronghold is the innovation capacity to develop new chemical solutions”, Ramirez said. One example is Dinamic, a selective herbicide from the triazolinone group which is applied prior to the emergence of the corn, and during the fallow previous to the soybean planting. Dinamic herbicide controls broadleaf weeds and some grasses.

And Lifeline is another herbicide developed over the basis of ammonium glufosinate, widely used to prevent the weed resistance appearance. Tripzin is used before the planting of the soybean to control broadleaf weeds and grasses. In Argentina, UPL leads the sales of clethodim and metolachlor.