(Photo: Tropical Melhoramento & Genetica is the partner of Verdeca in the HB4 technology launching in Brazil)

Sao Paulo, May 24th. TMG and Verdeca announced today that Brazilian Biosafety Technical National Commission (CNTbio) approved the planting and harvesting of its HB4 soybean.

The commission also approved the soybean that stacks HB4 trait, which confers it drought-tolerance, with glyphosate and ammonium glufosinate tolerance. “This stack will benefit soybean farmers help them to reduce stress factors, enhancing grain quality and collaborating with the implementation of Good Farming Practices”, the press release says.

Now, a 30 day public consulting is open, before the definitive approval. But the commercial launching of HB4 technology in soybean is subordinated to the approval in the largest soybean importer countries.

The HB4 trait has been approved by Argentine authorities and by the FDA of the US. Currently, the USDA is examining the proposal, while China, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay are doing the same.

More than 34 million hectares of soybean are planted in Brazil. During the last two season, the South American region has suffered significant drought conditions; the HB4 trait would prevent yield losses for Brazilian and Argentinean farmers. “HB4 will provide to farmers yield stability in the different environments, and farmers will see a direct benefit through its use”, Francisco Soares, CEO of Tropical Melhoramento & Genetica (TMG), a soybean germplasm developing company.

Arcadia Biosciences and Bioceres Crop Solutions formed the JV Verdeca in 2012 to develop HB4 and deregulate it through the world, starting in the America continent.