(Photo, Dr. Shiping Zhang, Dr. Federico Trucco, and Ambassador Diego Guelar)

Buenos Aires, May 20th. In the Argentine Embassy in China and under the title “Introducing an Environmental Resilience”, alongside with its Chinese DBN partner, Bioceres company presented the biotechnology pipeline where both companies are working together.

The CEO of Bioceres, Dr. Federico Trucco, stressed that the company was the first in the world into patent a drought-resistant technology in soybean, called HB4, which its use and commercialization were approved in Argentina; this technology is currently under consideration by the regulatory authorities in China.

Chinese businessmen in the biotechnology field were at the Embassy meeting. “Essays conducted by five years demonstrated that HB4 is a technology that improves the productivity of the crop in low yields potential environments, without cut yields in the high potential environments”, Mr. Trucco said.

The official remarked that HB4 could increase 60 dollars per hectare the soybean economic margin in 21.5 million hectares in Brazil and Argentina, generating a 1.3 billion dollars added-value.

DBN was represented at the meeting by its Biotechnology Chief, Dr. Shiping Zhang. The company is focused in to develop crop protection technologies and it is the first Chinese company to achieve the approval of a trait outside its country.

The DBN Bioceres alliance searches to combine both expertise in a unique trait for the soybean. “Biogenetic is called to be a key issue in the strategic association between China and Argentina”, Ambassador Diego Guelar added. “Both countries have the food security as the common ground, as the latest agreements had demonstrated”, he said.