(Photo: Marcelo Lüders, chairman of Ibrafe, in the 2017 edition of Beans, Pulses and Special Crops Brazilian Forum)

By Leonardo Gottems, journalist correspondant in Brazil

Sao Paulo, May 12nd. The Brazilian Bean and Pulses Institute (Ibrafe), in partnership with the Global Pulse Confederation, holds the 7th Brazilian Forum of Beans, Pulses and Special Crops on June 13 in Rio de Janeiro. The pulses market is growing and increasingly arousing the interest of the Brazilian producers, who already managed to export in 2018 to about 162,000 tons.

The sector, according to the president of Ibrafe, Marcelo Eduardo Lüders, begins to live a “unique moment”. He explains that the speed of growth of vegetarianism in the world already boosts the sector of pulses and special crops. For him, being part of this revolution is about being on time, in the right place.
Global revenue from the vegan and vegetarian sector last year reached no less than $ 51 billion. In its “The World in 2019” website – which looks at trends and projections – The Economist magazine has predicted that 2019 is the “year of veganism,” predicting a growth never seen before, with a staggering surge of supporters of this philosophy of life.
In Brazil, data from Ibope Inteligência, in a survey carried out in April last year, indicate that the percentage identified with vegetarianism reached 14% of the population. They are 30 million people. It is the equivalent of three times the number of inhabitants of Portugal or half of Italy.
Only five years ago, the percentage of Brazilian vegetarians was 9%. That is, the market of customers who wish to avoid animal products has reached a size that can no longer be ignored by any consumer giant, who have already joined the ‘veggie’ wave of products, investments and projects under development.
It is with this scenario that happens the event where will be approached subjects of great immediate reflexes for the national sector. One of them is the Global Outlook of Bean Colors and the Global Outlook of Chickpea (Kabuli). For Brazil, this will be a unique opportunity to definitively place our country as the protagonist in this market too.
The producer needs this information to make planting decisions from now until 2019, says Regis Ferreira, producer of Unai (in Minas Gerais) that has been producing beans for export since 2012. Ferreira believes that the attention that Brazil has been receiving shows that we are not only future suppliers to the world because we have already awakened buyers from all over the world.
There will also be technical panels, including recent advances in chickpea research. Attention will also be given to the new world vegetable protein market and the opportunities for the entire Brazilian industry. “We will have the opportunity to discuss and guide the research on the world view on genetically modified beans,” says Lüders.
This is because the forum takes place within the convention of GPC 2019, which begins on the 10th and runs until the 13th of the same month, and brings together more than 1,000 delegates involved with increasing consumption and marketing of Pulses. GPC is the institution that represents the entire Chain of Pulses worldwide. Among them are producers, researchers, suppliers of logistics, merchants, exporters and importers to government agencies, other organizations and consumers.
According to GPC, which has Ibrafe as its representative in Brazil, the main objectives of the organization are to raise food security, nutritional awareness and innovation and create greater awareness of Pulses in all public and private spheres. In addition, it also seeks to promote access to the international market and stability of production and prices and encourage increased agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability.

The Global Pulse Confederation Annual Convention will take place at the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort (Rio de Janeiro) and will be attended by the entire production chain. They will be producers, agronomists, sowers, input companies, technology companies, machinery and others. All in search of interaction and evolution in the technical and marketing discussions about Beans and Pulses in Brazil and in the world.