(Photo: Breeding company Stine Argentina tweeted that new Enlist varieties are ready to launch, but a new Plant Breeders Act is necessary to do it)

Buenos Aires, April 23th. This Wednesday April 24th could be the last opportunity to approve a new Plant Breeders Act and to pass it to the Argentine Senate. Last week, representatives from the government coalition Cambiemos, Atilio Benedetti and Pablo Torello held meetings with farmer unions, and they would accept the inquiry of Federación Agraria Argentina to include small and medium agricultures to save seed free, i.e. without paying royaltiesto the breeders when they save seed from one season to the other.

But official coalition has not the sufficiente votes to pass the law to the High Camera. They need the help of some representatives from the opposition, mainly from Peronism party, to approve the law.

Legislative analysts discard the opposition of the Frente para la Victoria’s representatives. Also, another branch of Peronism party, Peronismo Federal, also could sustain a negative vote. The officialist hopeness is that some representatives from Frente Renovador accept the inclusion of small and medium farmers to save seed in a free way and contribute with the necesssary votes.

But there is a heavy opposition to the law. Bases Federadas, a combative branch from FAA, has manifested its clear opposition, in the same manner that another indigenous and subsistance farmers organization did it.

On the other hand, the local branch of US Stine Seed company tweetted that the soybean Enlist varieties are ready to arrive to the market, once Parliament approves the new Plant Breeders Act. Maybe it is the firs case where a breeding company disclose the relationship between launching a new technology and a more rigorous IPR framework.

Perhaps the main change in the new law in respect to the current Plant Breeders Act 20.273 is that farmers will able to save seed but paying a royalty to the breeders (onerous saved seed). Furthermore, they will not able to save seed for a larger area than they bought.

“Nothing is closed”, an official representative told to eFarmNewsAr.com. He added that they are doing everything necessary to bring the votes from the opposition, but this only will be known a few hours before the session.