(Photo: AgTech Passport meeting held by NXTP Labs in its Buenos Aires offices)

Buenos Aires, April 12th. One of the largest farming and industrial companies in Argentina, Ledesma, joined the Agricultural Innovation Network, powered by NXTP Labs. This network is formed by large agricultural companies in Latin America, with the aim to incorporate innovations via startups.

The AIN members carry on farming, food production and commercialization in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia y Paraguay.
With its entering, Ledesma adds to the network 87,500 hectares and 24,000 cattle heads, rising the AIN acreage to 880K hectares and livestock to 225K heads.

The Ag-Tech startups will be able to test their developments (products and services) in this crop area and cattle stock.

Humberto Solá, Innovation, Environment, and Energy manager from Ledesma said that innovation always was present in Ledesma. “This is a very interesting initiative from NXTP Labs, which startups will rich the companies joined the network, via their new technologies”, Solá told in a press release.

In addition to Ledesma, other large farm companies from Argentina joined AIN, like Adecoagro, Goyaike, Lartirigoyen, Ceibos Group and Harriet Group.

This program completed the first calling to startups; more than 130 of them answered to the calling, not only from Mercosur countries but the US, Australia or Israel too.

After the selection of the better projects, it is expected that developments to optimize irrigation process, commercialization channels, suppliers financing, and crop monitoring would be able to incorporate by the AIN members.

More information https://innovacionagtech.nxtplabs.com/