(Photo: The harvester was shown at the 50th Cotton Fest in Avellaneda city)

Buenos Aires, April 12th. Thirteen years ago, farm machinery industry Dolbi launched its first pull-type cotton harvester, named Javiyu. It was a big solution to small and medium farmers, because a 50HP tractor is sufficient to operate the harvester.

Cotton farming in Argentina is current living a revival. The entering of a new player in the seed supplying, Gensus, is providing to farmers new and better genetic. In fact, three new cultivars developed by the Agriculture Technology National Institute (INTA) will be commercialized next campaign.

Around 1,500 farmers are planting cotton in the country, but 50 of them represent a half of the national production. While farmers are waiting for the arriving of new biotechnologies, harvest mechanization was a large step to bring competitiveness to the crop.

In this context, Dolbi, an industry based in Avellaneda, in the North of Santa Fe province, is finishing the test of its new self-propelled harvester.

During last years, it was imported last generation John Deere cotton pickers; but the demand is so heavy that dealers are considering importing used combines.

“We have an appropriate technology to supply to the farmers. In fact we have sold 400 units of the Javiyu model, a quarter of them to foreign markets. We think that we have a complementary product to the imported cotton pickers, but we consider that is unfair to authorize importing used units”, the chairman of the company, Elbio Dolzani told to www.eFarmNewsAr.com.

Dolzani explains that a last generation imported harvester costs (in Argentina) between 800 to 900 thousand dollars, while his combines would cost around 350 to 400 thousand dollars.

“We just must to solve some financial aspects to start the commercial production of our self-propelled cotton harvester, but we are decided to produce the first units this year and multiply it during 2020”, Dolzani adds.

He thinks that Dolbi could be a big supplier of its harvester to farmers in developing countries. Countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, and Uzbekistan, in Central Asia, or Sudan and Ethiopia in Africa are targeted in the commercial strategy.

The harvester prototype was presented this April in the 50th Cotton Fest in Avellaneda city, while latest tests are carrying out in the farm. Also, Dolbi is presenting a new roto-baler that provides a 750 kg bale that is covered by a UV film, that preserve the bale sis months in the plot.

“Really, we are proud that a farm machinery industry from Santa Fe province, like Dolbi, have developed this product that will able to bring solutions to farmers around the world”, the ministry of Production of Santa Fe province, told to eFarmNewsAr.com.

Below: the video promoting the new self-propelled Dolbi cotton harvester