Buenos aires, April 8th. With the presence of Laurent Wilsdorf, CEO of Limagrain for Latin America and Xavier Coyssat, Argentina country manager, LG Semillas the new brand for Sursem seed was presented to the public.

In November 2018, the cooperative breeding company Limagrain announced the acquisition of Sursem, a local company owned by Pampas Capital and based in Pergamino City, in the heart of the Pampas.

“Over the past 50 years, we have built a global seed company that currently operates on five continents. Our research program began with Corn and later with Wheat and Sunflower. We invest approximately 15% of our revenues in Research and Development”, Wilsdorf said.

Since the next campaign, LG Seeds Argentina with a team of 150 people, aims to become a relevant player in the Argentine seed market, supplying corn, sunflower, wheat, barley and soybeans seeds to the farmers.

“Our goal is to achieve a 10% market share in the corn market,” Wilsdorf said.

The company also aims to be a leader in the wheat market by incorporating a wide range of germplasm developed in France. It was also highlighted that there are very good opportunities to achieve greater development and participation in the cultivation of sunflower.

“We must continue doing the same what we went doing, that it was a good job. This is the reason that explains why Limagrain put his eyes in Sursem”, Manuel Colomar, commercial manager of Limagrain Argentina told to the media. “What that acquisition change is the perspective, the future. From now, we have the back of the fourth world largest breeding company. There is no roof from now, we can grow all we want”, Colomar said.