(Photo: trucks near Rosario ports, waiting for unloading the grain)

Buenos Aires, March 26th. Finally, the expected record harvest started. The good weather is accompanying harvest labors and grains begin to leave the farms, heading to the port terminals. After a severe drought that damage the latest harvest, now a 140 million metric tons harvest, or more, is expected.

The trucks are collapsing the highways to Rosario ports, along the Parana River. Around 5.600 trucks by day are reaching the terminals. This meaning more than 150,000 tons of grains are daily unloading in the warehouses.

According to grains market operators, two-thirds of this volume is corn and the remaining third is soybean. The daily cargo moved by trucks represents the equivalent to 5 or 6 vessels. Thirsty six vessels are waiting for loading its holds with the grain. It is said that it will impossible to discharge a single truck more in these conditions.

Operators also estimate that 400,000 metric tons of grains are collecting every day. The good yields obtained in the corn plots are rising the national output to close to 50 million metric tons, a historical record. Meanwhile, soybean output is still estimated at 54 to 54.5 MMT.

Government is especially anxious about the marketing pulse, due to as more grain is sold, more dollars enter to the fiscal coffers. And in this electoral year, maintaining the dollar stable result crucial to improve the re-election chances.