Buenos Aires, June 27th. We start for the end: it’s expected that during 2019 China approves Bioceres drought-tolerant soybean for food and feed use, that will trigger the commercialization of the seed. As explained Bioceres Commercial Manager, Claudio Dunan, during IFAMA’s Buenos Aires Conference, US Food and Drugs Administration yet approved this soybean, and now it is expected Brazil do the same, and then, next year, China continue the path.

Photo: Javier Preciado Patiño, editor in chief of www.eFarmNewsAr.com (left) and Claudio Dunan (second from right to left) at the IFAMA Conference

According to a press release, HB4 technology incorporated to soybean improved the yields 13% during last season, that was affected by a severe drought in Argentina. Improvement reached until 30% in test fields conducted by agronomist from Bioceres.
Mr. Dunan explained to the audience that Bioceres has two main focus: “on farm” technologies and “off farm” technologies. The first ones involucre developments targeted to farmers and consumers. The second ones involve “molecular farming” and other technologies like microorganism to convert biomass into energy.
“We are very hopeful that HB4 technology brings farmers a solution front recurrent hydric stress situations”, said Mr. Dunan, at IFAMA’s Conference. In dialogue with www.eFarmNewsAr.com, Mr. Dunan showed confidence in China’s approval. He explained that Bioceres has a Chinese partner that help them in the regulatory process; in the opposite direction, both partners are developing technology for soybean and other crops, to deregulate in Argentina and other countries.
Argentinean Government approved HB4 technology for soybean in October 2015, through Order 395, but conditioned the commercialization of seeds and its use until China do the same. Currently, the glyphosate and drought tolerant stack soybean are waiting for commercial release.
Bioceres has a joint venture with US Arcadia Biosciences named Verdeca to develop soybean traits. HB4 is one of them, but they are working on nutrients and water use efficiency and non-GMO quality traits.

Photo. A view of Bioceres’ field test during 2017/18 crop season. Affected by a severe drought, HB4 soybeans show until 30% yield-increasing from conventional ones.