Buenos Aires, June 14th. This Tuesday June 12th chemical BASF launched its pre-emergent and residual herbicide Zidua for the Argentinean farming. The presentation of the new product was in charge of Aimar Pena (photo), Corn Manager from BASF local branch. “Field test all around the world have demonstrated that Zidua controls grasses in pre-emergent stages and broadleaf weeds also in pre and post-emergence stages”, Pena said.
Herbicide resistant weeds is a wide extended problem in Argentina farming. It is estimated that Clhoris virgata, Echinochloa colonun, Amaranthum palmeri and Conyza bonarensis affect 40 million hectares in the country.
The BASF new herbicide is recommended to spray before the seeding of corn and soybean.
According BASF press release Zidua combines two ingredients: pyroxasulfone and saflufenacil. “Pyroxasulfone is an isoxazoline, a new class of chemistry that delivers higher intrinsic activity and a broader spectrum of control of small-seeded broadleaf weeds and grasses”, affirm the company.
Pena stressed that Zidua works efficiently in mix with other active ingredients. “Zidua was tested with 120 active ingredients that Argentinean farmers use in their crops. Most of those mix showed an excellent performance”, explained Mr. Pena.