Buenos Aires, June 7th. The Ministry of AgIndustry authorized the import of GMO soybean containing the events that provide it tolerance to herbicides glyphosate and dicamba, only for “industrial use”. At middle May, the Ministry enacted the Order 26/2018 creating a framework for the import of grains containing GMO events no authorized to grown in the country, but used as raw material by the food, feed, and processing (FFP) industry.
A few days later, Monsanto Argentina SA asked AgIndustry for the import of soybean containing Xtend technology using the FFP framework. The ministry accepted the petition and on June 5th enacted Order 30/2018, allowing imports of this GMO soybean.
This authorization occurs while the oilseed industry faces the lack of raw material, due to the severe drought that cut 30% of the Argentina soybean production.
According to the USDA, 540,000 tons of soybean were sold to Argentina. As US farmers can grow GMO soybeans not authorized by Argentina Government, it was necessary to provide a legal framework for the temporary imports.
It estimates that this year local oilseed industry will import over 4 million metric tons of soybean, to compensate the lack of local supply.
According to RIA’s weekly report in the first four months of the year, oilseed industry imported 1.85 million metric tons, mainly from Paraguay. Sources in the industry said to www.eFarmNewsAr.com that US soybean will arrive in Argentina in the second half of the year.