Buenos Aires, June 6th. “Arysta is among the ten largest agrochemicals companies around the world”, starts saying Rodrigo Ramírez, country manager for Argentina and Uruguay branches. With a large expertise in the chemical business, as Commercial Manager for BASF and Cyanamid from latest ’90 until 2006, he knows about the challenge to provide innovative solutions for South-American farmers.
“The concept is Pronutiva, that integrates chemical approach with biosolutions, which are based on three pillars: bio-stimulants, innovative nutrition, and bio-controllers”, explain Mr. Ramírez in dialogue with www.eFarmNewsAr.com.
Currently, 70 to 80% of Arysta annual revenues in Argentina come from conventional crop protection products, and the other 20 to 30% from bio-solutions. But the target is to expand the share of bio-solutions. “We are having an excellent feedback from local farmers. For example, in peanuts, there is an increasing demand for seed treatment added with Biozyme, a bio-stimulant. We are moving this concept to soybean, corn and wheat. Farmers are seeing a better implantation of their crops with this treatment”, says Ramírez.
“Traditionally, crop protection business was focused on control weeds, diseases or pests. Now we are stressing on the plant health via biosolutions to assure a better response in face to stress factors”, added.
But Ramirez has a particular vision about the technology approach to the farmer. “The farmer is, basically, a risk manager. He deals with price risk, weather risk or policies risks and he is barraged by thousands of technological ‘solutions’. As a company supplying agricultural inputs, we must provide a ‘red knob, green knob’ solution to his problems, i.e. a very simple approach that includes current technology used by the farmer”, explains Mr. Ramírez.
Therefore, the local branch of Arysta is working side by side with agronomists that advice farmers in field issues. One of the is Esteban Tronfi, former Aceitera General Deheza Ag-Precision manager, that currently is setting up the “Technological Surveillance Network (RAVIT, as its Spanish acronym) that cover 500.000 hectares in the North of Cordoba Province.
“As RAVIT, there are other consultants as Lares or Viento Sur, which are using digital technology for the management of crops. Then we are seeing a great opportunity to integrate us into those processes. ‘Red knob, green knob’ is a real and fascinating challenge but the way is via integration of processes”, concludes Ramirez.
Contact Rodrigo Ramirez at: rodrigo.ramirez@arysta.com