The National Bureau of Statistics and Census (INDEC) inform that during March, the oilseed industry imported 928.435 tons of soybean, 97% of which from Paraguay to crushing and re-export as oil and meal. It is a volume record that accumulates 1.3 million tons in the first quarter.

In the same time, oilseed industry crushed 8.2 million tons (MT), that is meaning 16% of the raw material was supplied from abroad.

During 2017 imported soybean reach a volume of 1.9 MT over a total beans crushed of 41.8 MT, or 4 per cent.

Due to the severe drought, that crops suffered during last summer, it is estimated that soybeans harvest drop to 37,6 million tons from 55 at 2015/16 season.

It is expected that all over 2018, industry import a minimum of 5 million tons, including raw material from the United States.